In sharing more about the work I do, I love inviting clients further into the process. One way to do this is by providing introductions to what it is I do and also how I do it. And one of the more frequently asked questions I receive about MBSR™ is along the lines of “this sounds cool, but how does it work?“. So I decided to write a quick post to share more about it.

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In this post, I talk about how transformative Mind Body Spirit Release™ is, as well as how muscle and energy testing is utilized to help identify the set of blocks that can be released during clearing sessions. Let’s recap!

When checking for blocks during client sessions, I utilize forms of muscle/ideomotor testing. Ideomotor testing (ideo =idea, motor= muscle) means a muscular response to an idea. Our muscles are controlled by our nerves. When working with clients in person, I mostly use forms of muscle testing to identify the combination of emotions and other blocks causing stress in the body. Muscle testing is a form of binary bio-feedback- the measure of our body’s response to a stimulus. It has been used by various types of practitioners and health-related professionals for a long time (for example by some Chiropractors). Often, it is used and very helpful in conjunction with other types of assessments to get a more functional scope of imbalances in the body.

The short and sweet of it: We can present the body with a stimulus and understand whether the specific stimulus strengthens or weakens the nervous system. When we introduce physical items (like imprints of frequency from different emotions, specific supplements, etc.), we can see how they impact the system. Simply put, something that is a stressor (something that causes a stress response) will cause a short-circuit in the brain and the muscle to test weak. When something contributes to or strengthens the body energetically, the muscle responds strongly. Think of it as a way to check for energetic incompatibility and compatibility. A weak muscle is considered a negative response (incompatibility) and a strong muscle is considered a positive response (compatibility).

In MBSR™ sessions, I usually use vials containing water that has been imprinted with frequencies of whatever is in the specific vial. For example, the emotion mix vial labeled “Disappointment” contains the charge of this emotion (every emotion has an energy signature). lt also contains charges of hopelessness, discouraged, disheartened, distant, and depressed. If I were to present this to a body that “tests weak”, this communicates it is something causing stress. I provide instructions to clients, in-person and remotely, and facilitate a clearing of this emotional mix. After the clearing, the body tests strongly as the stimulus is not causing a stress response now.

Here’s a quick muscle testing 101 Instagram post.


“Okay, working with someone in person is one thing, but what about remote sessions? What makes it possible for this kind of work to, well, work?”

Let me first say I’ll be the first to admit that when I originally began my journey into the world of energy work as a whole, it seemed a bit “woo woo”. And I learned that I needed to be mindful of who I was working with in regards to pretty much anything energy-medicine-related. But the more I dove into related topics, the more I pursued training under reputable mentors, the more I prayed about specifics and had my own experiences, the more respect I developed for this work. And the more I saw it changing peoples’ lives (including my own). Just two weeks ago I worked with my own MBSR practitioner and was still amazed and what came up for my clearing! The world of bioenergetics and energy medicine is a fascinating one. It is also one I encourage all my clients to use personal discernment with when looking for a practitioner and specific modalities.

In terms of how we’re able to have remote sessions, there are two primary principles of quantum physics that help us understand how remote energy testing and clearing work. The first involves quantum entanglement, which essentially pertains to the idea that we are all connected. Within this principle is the ability of particles to “know” the state of each other at some level through the connection of the overarching quantum field. I’ve personally spoken with many individuals that all say there’s been a sense of what feels like a collective fear in the atmosphere the last year and a half. In many ways, they’re referring to this collective consciousness/universal field that connects everyone.

The second is the principle of non-locality, which is essentially the ability of particles (electrons, for example) to be influenced instantaneously by other particles with no visible exchange of force/energy. Particles can affect each other instantaneously across any distance as energy knows no distance and is everywhere around us. Once connected in some fashion (like a practitioner connecting physically, remotely, etc. with a client), they are energetically connected and can energetically affect each other.

In part, this principle is what some believe makes something like prayer or positive thinking effective. Or like when a person living in another state might be thinking of somebody and then that person suddenly calls/messages them out of the blue. It also explains synchronicity. We apply the principle of non-locality when facilitating remote clearings. The client does not have to be in the room to hold the session and still benefit from this work.

When working with clients remotely, I often use a pendulum as a branch of muscle testing also called ideomotor response (Ideo= idea, motor= muscle). I test and also facilitate the clearing by proxy testing (using my own nervous system to test for someone else’s). The pendulum I use moves by nerve impulses in the hand and is responding to these nervous system messages to stressors or strengthening stimuli.



As I mentioned before, until I had more training and experience with remote sessions, and this work as a whole, and dove into the (mind-spinning) world of energy, I was a skeptic. And that’s okay. With anything, I still encourage you to go with what resonates with you and do your own digging. It’s not my job to tell you what to think or what to believe, nor is my desire ever to push anything I believe onto anyone.

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