Seeing that it has been about two years since I first began my journey with Bio-Resonance testing, I thought it was time to finally write a post about it. #betterlatethannever

I like to refer to Bio-Resonance testing (also referred to as “Bioenergetic testing”) as one of the tools in my wellness toolkit. Shortly after using bio-resonance testing to improve my own health and well-being, I knew it was something I’d want to offer others. Before I share the why behind using (and loving) these scans, I thought it best to start with a basic introduction to the realm of Bioenergetics.

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To put it simply, everything everywhere is composed of energy. This is essentially what Bioenergetics is. It’s a multidisciplinary health system that focuses on the flow of energy between living organisms (such as cells and organs of our bodies). In a nutshell, Bioenergetics is the study of where biology meets physics, focusing on how specific changes to the environment and food can affect our bodies at the energetic level.

Whether you are an athlete, trying to conceive a sweet babe, or just want to be healthier overall and are looking for ways to reach this goal, Bioenergetics can help you better understand your body at a bioenergetic cellular level. The human body is, after all, made up of energy. We are energetic beings. 

For example, let’s say an athlete is struggling to keep his/her energy levels high enough for them to perform optimally. There’s a chance they could have an underlying food sensitivity (think of it as a form of stress) that’s causing his/her body to waste energy trying to protect itself. It’s like an “energy leak” contributing to fatigue. Using Bioenergetics, this athlete could discover any resonating food sensitivities, then decide what measures to take to address them. This may mean temporarily removing the specific food, focusing on repairing the gut lining, or simply releasing the “leak” and alleviating stress from the body. Either way. they may notice that fatigue is alleviated and energy levels start to improve.

In addition to testing, there are different forms of Bioenergetic modalities that approach our bodies as an entire energy system. This includes anything from MBSR™ massage therapy, bodywork, to talk therapy. Modalities like these focus on the belief that there can be blocked and stored energy in the body (such as unprocessed emotions) which could cause problems if not addressed.

Recent advances in quantum physics have led Bioenergetics to become a more assertive practice. While Bioenergetic testing can serve as a supplement to traditional testing, it is not meant to replace standard testing (i.e. blood, urine, or stool samples).

The specific Bioenergetic testing I utilize, both for myself and others, is through Creating Balanced Health. This testing reads the energetic resonance that flows from hair and saliva samples to help identify underlying stressors. What we come into contact with regularly gets stored within the cells in our body. This includes things like toxins, emotions, viruses, and other forms of stressors- which can each impact energetic pathways in our bodies. Through samples of hair and saliva, the scans can access biological information stored in our bodies.

Check out this post from the founder of Creating Balanced Health, Samantha Stupak, to learn more about Bioenergetic testing and how it may help. She does a great job at breaking it down!


After learning about these particular scans, the process of ordering a scan, submitting samples, and receiving results seemed simple. And being that I was smack dab in the middle of trying to get to the bottom of unknown health issues, pretty much on my own I might add, simple is exactly what I needed. Hearing “everything looks normal” after various, and more standard, tests other tests had been done was exhausting. I felt pretty hopeless and was desperate for direction. Apart from the initial investment, it felt I didn’t have anything else to lose. This felt like a last-ditch effort. I took the plunge and never looked back!

Here’s a photo of me sending in my samples my Full Scan!

Roughly two weeks later, I received the results. I felt like I received more answers than pretty much ever before! I remember sitting down with my husband and comparing recent bloodwork with the scan results. Needless to say, in my experience, we were impressed. Not only did my scan results point to a few of the same things additional lab markers did, but they validated concerns I’d suspected for a long time (that no stool test or other labs had yet to).

For example, it’s fairly common for parasites to be missed in stool tests, which are typically considered “Gold Standard” for parasite testing. While I had good reason to suspect I might benefit from focusing on a little parasite-protocol work, a stool test had yet confirmed this. My scan results showed several resonating toxins (including different parasites, mold, and more). The news brought such validation! Finally, it felt like there was some guidance that allowed me to take steps in the right direction. After speaking to (and eventually becoming friends with) one of their practitioners, (Kristy- if you’re reading this- love you, girl!), I knew this would be a tool I’d want in my wellness toolkit. I only wished I had discovered it sooner. 

Oh, and P.S.- While the majority of parasites are microscopic, I have passed visible parasites. That was even more confirmation for me. 



For those looking to take the guesswork out of unknown stressors and gain insight into their health, I love using Bio-Resonance scans. Speaking also from personal experience, this energetic analysis has provided me with more information to consider in my body than the majority of other, more standard testing I’ve used in my own health journey.
Bio-Resonance scans allow us to pinpoint areas of the body that are energetically stressed. Like an energetic health compass, they provide information that points us in the right direction to making positive changes. Depending on which scan one uses, the remedy testing portion is invaluable and helps find out what balancing remedies his/her body resonates with. Just like the results, the remedies are unique to the individual and could include a combination of herbal and homeopathic remedies, as well as nutritional supplements.
Because these scans provide an array of information, it’s important to know how to piece it all together. That’s why having someone to review the scan results is SO beneficial and helpful. I love walking them through the results so that it’s not overwhelming, and connecting the dots together for clients. The body operates as an integrative whole, after all. I’m happy to provide helpful suggestions on supporting their bodies through the process of addressing stressors.

Ordering a scan and getting your report is one thing; understanding how everything flows together is another. It’s extremely valuable to book a consultation for a scan review once results are in. Whether working directly with someone or independently, there are options. To book a consultation with Creating Balanced Health, go here. To book a consultation with me, email . If you work directly with CBH (aka- I don’t order the scan for you), you can use my custom affiliate code adelinewellness to save some money on your scan order, packages, or subscriptions.


Disclaimer: Information in this post is designed for educational purposes only and is not intended to serve nor replace as medical advice or professional care. The information provided is not to be used for diagnosing or treating any health problem or disease.