Mind Body Spirit Release

The closer the body is to balance and homeostasis, the greater its innate healing potential. However, the healing process requires a lot of energy, and a lot can happen that prevents the body from entering into rest+repair mode and blocking energetic flow. Whether physical (like toxins, pathogens, inflammation, etc.) or emotional (like unprocessed emotions, trauma, etc.), when stressors are present, they demand resources and energy from the body and its processes. The fewer stressors, the more likely the body can function optimally and direct energy into the healing process.

Emotional health, in particular, is often overlooked in the healing process yet it plays a tremendous role in our well-being.  Throughout our lives, we experience emotionally-charged events that leave a lasting impact. If certain emotions are unable to be properly processed, this can “block up” the energetic system. Through Mind Body Spirit Release™, we identify and deactivate these negative “cellular memories” while cultivating an awareness of patterns we may have not previously been aware of. Instead of being directed by subconscious reactions, we can shine a light on what may be impacting our emotions and behavior.

Think of your body as a garden. Your subconscious mind is like the soil. Unaddressed or stored emotionally-charged exposures and experiences are like rocks in the soil- blocking the potential for growth. With Mind Body Spirit Release, we are identifying and removing these to help direct more energy into what you want to grow, helping your garden flourish!

Mind Body Spirit Release was by Tracy Southwick at Heights of Health in Houston, TX, as a technique that may be used to facilitate the release of cellular imprints from negative experiences, emotions, and trauma. While in our conscious minds we may not remember certain events or the perception of them, our bodies and subconscious remember the emotions from each significant event we’ve encountered.

Most of us have memories of varying degrees of “intensity”, and when triggered, there can be a reactivation of reactions and bio-chemical processes. The same biochemical reactions that flooded our system at the time of the event then can make us experience uncomfortable physical and emotional symptoms now. Sometimes that “THEN energy” is impacting us today because parts of these stories have been written and stored within our cells. If we were not able to fully process or integrate this information, it continues telling us certain versions in our subconscious-influencing our actions, beliefs, and more.  This cycle can continue if the stimuli (cellular imprints) continue to go unaddressed.

In the book “The Body Keeps the Score”, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk discusses how trauma can shape both one’s emotional and physical well-being, sharing how, “Trauma produces actual physiological changes, including a recalibration of the brain’s alarm system, an increase in stress hormone activity, and alterations in the systems that filters relevant information from irrelevant.”

As it turns out, our bodies really do keep the score! Amazingly, our bodies can re-enact in the same way biochemically, and on the subconscious level, over which we have no control or little-to-no awareness of why. Mind Body Spirit Release provides an invitation to us to help identify these negative cellular imprints, gently learn to release them, so 

How does it work?

Through forms of muscle testing and/or ideomotor testing, during a session, I will identify the combination of emotions (and more) that are repeatedly mobilized and causing stress in the body, either on the client or on myself (for remote sessions). After all of the blocks have been identified, I facilitate the clearing. This is done using a cold light laser on specific acupressure points, activating the neurological and endocrine systems and disrupting the stress response. As a result, the nervous system calms, releasing negative, stored associations with the stressors. As we reduce the body’s stress response, more energy goes back into the body’s naturally-designed healing process. Once the session is completed, you will receive practical and meaningful Next Steps to utilize at home to further support these shifts. 

Mind Body Spirit Release is great for those seeking to:


Release limiting emotional baggage they've been holding onto (even subconsciously)


Experience more physical and emotional balance


Foster healthier relationships with both themself and with others


Cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness


Reduce the effects of stress/stressful triggers on the mind and the body


Enhance personal growth and clarity

Frequently asked questions

What is muscle testing?

Muscle Testing has been/is used by various types of practitioners and health-related professionals. It’s oftentimes used in conjunction with other types of examinations/assessments to get a more functional scope of imbalances in the body.

Muscle Testing measures a natural stress response called Binary Biofeedback, which is the body’s response to a stimulus. Things lke EEGs, ECGs, heart rate monitors, and other devices use Binary Biofeedback.

With Muscle Testing, we’re using the body’s muscles to measure a response as its own binary biofeedback device. Our muscles are controlled by nerves and they respond in different ways to nerve messages.  In this work, muscle strength is used as a way to understand what the nervous system is trying to communicate. We’re allowing the body to use its own innate ability to communicate. When the body is presented with something that stresses it, electrical signals between the brain and muscles are “short-circuited” and make the muscle “weaker”. When presented with something that the body is compatible with, the tested muscle is “stronger”.

As a Practioner trained and certified in MBSR™, I use forms of muscle response testing/ideomotor testing to essentially communicate with the nervous system and identify emotional imprints/blocks. Ideomotor testing assesses a muscular response to an idea (ideo=idea, motor=muscle). 

How long is a session? How many sessions will I need?

The initial session is typically 90-minutes and up to 2 hours. This is the longest session. Follow-ups are usually  60-75 minutes and are recommended every 3-6 weeks until you feel like you’ve manifested your intention through progress. This is also dependent on the client and their individual sessions.

After the first three or four sessions, many clients prefer to schedule maintenance MBSR™ sessions to help support energetic balance. This is also helpful during a particularly stressful time in life to help you stay balanced on an emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetical level.

Do you only see clients in-person?

No! While I love the physical connection made with in-person clients, I see many clients online through remote sessions.

I’m intending to provide personal video examples of what you can expect in an in-person clearing, but until then…you can check out a basic overview of a general MBSR™ Session from my primary Instructor and founder of MBSR™, Tracy Southwick here 

How does remote testing work?

To put it simply, muscle testing remotely is is done by using proxy testing. Proxy testing is basically muscle testing that’s done on a proxy (a person who acts in place of another). When using forms of muscle testing clients from a distance, with permission I use my nervous system to test for the client. Using ideomotor pendulum testing (this moves by nerve impulses in the hand while the nervous system is responding to thoughts or prompts as opposed to physical stimuli in person). 

The ability to remote test is due to the principle of non-locality (just a daily dose of quantum mechanics!). Essentially, this is the ability of particles to be influenced instantaneously by another particle with no visible exchange of force or energy, which knows no bounds or distance. This can occur from any distance. We apply the principle of non-locality when facilitating remote sessions. Remote MBSR clients are not at a disadvantage to those in person.

What can I expect to feel during/after a session?

While each session is unique to the individual, some report that they immediately feel things like calm, peace, and groundedness during and right after their session. Some say that they notice they are less irritable and “on edge” later on. It varies depending on the individual and their unique clearing.

I also provide intentional Next Steps that you can do at home in between sessions to support these shifts.

What is an in-person session like?

I use many of the same modalities in person as I do with remote clients. 
In-person sessions are great with those local, or that have an office or room in their home we can set up that will be quiet and peaceful for the client. I have a massage table I bring along to use during the session time, along with a few other tools we utilize in the session.

Can you do MBSR™ sessions for pet(s)?

Yes! I use myself, or the pet owner, as a proxy and can facilitate a clearing. The cold laser light is just run down the spine, up to the tail point.

My dog loves when I work on her. After her first session, there was a noticeable shift in her. She was much calmer than even my husband commented on it (not knowing I used MBSR™ for her).

How do I schedule a session?

Click here or please email me (Maddie) at maddieadelinewellness@gmail.com for more info.

*The Mind Body Spirit Release™ technique is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prescribe in any way, nor take the place of medical/therapeutic care.