All the staying-at-home we’ve been doing has created a monster- a snack monster. My five-year seems to ask for snacks every other hour, regardless of how much food I prep or try to satiate his appetite with. I didn’t want my kid living on bars all day (no judgment if that’s you- been there before. Do what works!) Instead, we got a little creative in the kitchen and made a super special recipe.

Okay, it’s not that super or special…there’s no magic ingredient in this one. It’s literally two things- banana and peanut butter! A little helper in the kitchen is optional, but I will say the kid(s) will more than likely enjoy helping make these peanut butter banana bites!

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With the disclaimer out of the way, I just have to mention how much we love using these Curious Chef’s Children’s Knives. Seriously- they’re awesome for kids when they’re learning safe cooking and culinary prep skills! This is one way that I can safely empower my son in the kitchen. It’s never too young to start introducing them to cooking.

These peanut butter banana bites are not only a breeze to make but they’re great to snack on. They don’t last long in this house! It’s a great way to have fun and provides a little protein for the littles, or yourself. These take all of ten minutes to prep. Then, just set them in the freezer for an hour or two, or overnight, and there you go!


  • 3 bananas (sliced (or more if you're making a larger batch to save for later!))
  • 1/4-1/3 Cup peanut butter (the amount depends on how many banana bites you're making. Creamy peanut butter works well.)
  1. Carefully slice the bananas into bite-sized pieces.

  2. Slightly warm the peanut butter on the stove on low heat. If using natural peanut butter, you may not need to warm it at all if it's soft enough. You want it just soft enough to easily put on or dip banana slices in.

  3. Dip banana slices into peanut butter. It also works to put a dollop of peanut butter onto the banana slices.

  4. Cover a flat cooking sheet/pan with the wax paper (this prevents the banana bites from sticking a lot when they're set). Place banana bites on the covered surface and place in the freezer to set for 1-2 hours.

  5. Remove from freezer and eat frozen or let them set for a few minutes to soften a little.


These nutrition facts are based on the type of peanut butter used in this recipe- no added salt/sugar, organic, etc.

I’ve made a few batches of these this week and love pulling them out for a tasty, refreshing snack to eat outside.
I  mean, come on…peanut butter, easy to make, kid-friendly…what’s there not to love?!

You can substitute peanut butter out with almond butter too! That’s also delicious and great for those who have specific dietary needs/restrictions. If and when it’s possible, when I shop for peanut butter For this batch, I used Santa Cruz’s Organic Creamy Peanut Butter. It doesn’t contain added sugar and it’s not made with hydrogenated oils that aren’t great for the body. But use whatever peanut butter you want if that makes your heart soar!

Here’s my little dude enjoying his peanut butter banana bites <3.

-Maddie Adeline